Island Magic Steelband

Meet the band

Julian Gibbs - instrument "BASS"

Founder and leader of Island Magic. Playing the instrument for over 25 years

Being a young boy growing up in Trinidad, I've always been intrigued by the sound of the steelpan, but since my parents gave me the "books first" treatment, I started a bit late at the age of 17. Like most pannists, I'm self-taught, and played for various bands at home, starting off with the Starlift Steel Orchestra, then going on to Solo Harmonites, Renegades (for which i played the longest), Silver Stars and Arima Angel Harps to name a few.

Because we've done mostly Criuse Lines over the years, I've seen many parts of the world, which is one of the good things about this job. When i'm not working, I can be found spending time with my family at home amd playing for one of the aforementioned bands, until I'm ready to travel again.

Kerlanda Matthias - instrument "DOUBLE SECONDS"

Latest member of Island Magic. Playing the instrument for over 15 years

I started playing the steelpan in high school with the Arima Senior Comprehensive School Steel Orchestra and can safely say that there in nothing else, in the world, i enjoy doing more. I was very fortunate to have been involved with a school band that was at the top of its game at that time and got the experience of performing for a very wide variety of audiences in a lot of different countries.

Over the years I played with several other bands, like Nu Tones, Pamberi and Arima Angel Harps, initially on the instrument Double Seconds then moves on to Double Tenor, Six Bass and Four Cello, but Double Seconds always remained my favorite.

Now performing with Island Magic is a new level where the love I have for this instrument is no longer a hobby but a livelihood and i enjoy every second of it. When I'm at home i enjoy spending time with my family.

Dereck Ayum - instrument "TENOR"

I fell in love with the steelpan at around age 9 or 10 years old, but only got the oppotunity to begin at the age 17, since I had to do my school work first, however once I started, there was no turning back.

This artform has taken me to many different parts of the world, and have given me some unforgettable moments. I have been playing with Island Magic for the last 15 years and performing for audiences worldwide has given me the most satisfaction.

When I'm not performing with Island Magic, I spend time playing with the Fonclaire Steel Orchestra, sometimes on my own or spending quality time with my family.


Michael Pamphille - instrument "DRUMS"

Playing the instrument for over 30 years.

From a very young age I fell in love with the drums, and once I started to play I've never looked back.

The love I have for playing this instrument have never subsided and fortunately I had the oppotunity to perform for a few top bands in Trinidad. Now being the drummer for Island Magic I have the oppotunity of playing for large audiences at the highest level, this have been my life long dream. When I am not on the high seas performing with them, I'm at home with my family.  


Franklyn Martin - instrument "DOUBLE SECONDS"

Playing the instrument for over 25 years.

My playing career started at age 15 with a small group of friends near my home in Trinidad, but really took shape when I joined the Casablanca Steel Orchestra, which was one of the larger bands at the time. I later moved on to the Silver Stars Steel Orchestra and played there until I joined Island Magic. 

This has allowed me to see many places around the world, and after all these years I still enjoy performing as much as I ever did. When I'm at home I spend all my time with my family.

Franklyn Baptiste - instrument "Drums"

Playing the instrument for over 25 years.

I started playing the drums at the age of 10 years old, mostly for very small bands and sometimes just friends getting together to play music. My drumming career really took off when I started to play for the Silver Stars Steel Orchestra in 1989 at age 27, but the highlight of my career was when  I started to play for Island Magic five years later.

Playing at this level and all aroung the world was something new to me at the time, but I took the oppotunity with both hands, and is enjoying every bit of it. When I'm not performing I enjoy spending quiet time with my family at home.